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Why Nedbank Corporate Saver?

What is Nedbank Corporate Saver? 

Corporate Saver is an investment banking system administered by Nedbank.Corporate Saver is tried and trusted and has been used extensively by attorneys and financial services intermediaries since 1988.  

How does Corporate Saver work? 

After your Corporate Saver profile has been approved, you can administer funds on behalf of your clients on Corporate Saver, which is a secure, flexible and high-yielding online banking system for agents managing third-party funds. Corporate Saver gives you greater control over money that can be invested. Corporate Saver is successful because it allows your firm to perform basic banking procedures and reporting and to give your investors the benefits of increased yields.  

What benefits does Corporate Saver offer? 

  • A choice of accounts to suit your clients' needs.
  • Flexible and competitive pricing through a customised investment      approach to the portfolio.
  • A dedicated administrator does all the electronic transactions,      including providing statements and tax certificates, and opening      and closing accounts at your office.
  • Extensive security measures ensure efficient and secure
         Corporate Saver operations and transactions.
  • Nedbank Corporate Saver offers you the opportunity to gain greater control over invested monies.